Staffing will include qualified educators, certified and licensed in content areas.

The rigorous course standards will support purposely designed programs.

To be ready for their future path, students must know the terminology. They must be well-versed in industry specific vocabulary. CTEHS students will be able to read and comprehend industry-specific informational/technical texts. They must also be able to speak and write clearly.

Capstone courses will give students opportunities to earn industry certifications. This will allow them to enter the workforce possessing the knowledge and skills to succeed in a field.

Students will acquire personal traits necessary to be successful in the workspace. These include good communication, time-management, goal setting, problem solving and team building.

CTEHS students will also take part in industry-relevant content. Aside from internships and general education integration, this also includes CTE student organizations such as Career and Technical Education Student Organizations (CTSOs), which engage students in occupational content application. CTSOs are another platform to enhance students’ 21st century skills and leadership development.


The program has students explore the power of visual messages. Through analysis and application, students learn how today’s industry uses imagery for storytelling. It is also used in marketing/branding. The program introduces students to graphic design as a form of visual communication.

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Audio/Video Production

The program provides training for entry-level employment in a wide array of industries. These include audio, video, television and film. Other work possibilities could lead to work in cable television, education, radio and business.

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Collision Repair

The program prepares students with the necessary skills to repair and refinish collision-damaged automobiles. Students will have the opportunity to earn an Occupational Certificate in Repair Assistant Specialty.

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Computer Programming & Game Design

The program involves the design, development, implementation and maintenance of computer systems and software. Field careers require knowledge of computer operating systems, programming languages and software development.

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Construction Technology

The program prepares students for entry-level careers in the construction industry. Students will use the National Center for Construction and Education Research (NCCER) curriculum. They will also use heavy equipment simulators to learn how to operate machinery.

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Dental Assistant

This program is ideal for individuals who enjoy working with their hands. The program trains students to be key members of the dental health care team. They will train in all aspects of a dental practice. Students will learn to sterilize and disinfect instruments; prepare trays for dental procedures.

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Diesel Technology

The program prepares students for entry-level careers in repair and maintenance of diesel engines. Students have the opportunity to earn a Level 1 Certificate in Industrial Diesel Technology. Students in the program will apply their knowledge and skills in industry work experiences.

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Distribution & Logistics

The program prepares students for careers in warehousing, transportation and materials management. Students will use software programs. They will learn to develop a systematic plan to achieve effective inventory management (EIM).

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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

This program’s coursework and hands-on experiences prepare students to administer care in emergency situations. Students will study anatomy and physiology. They will learn to conduct an initial patient assessment survey.

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Hospitality & Tourism

The program prepares students for entry-level careers in this high-demand industry. Hospitality and tourism encompasses the management, marketing and operations of restaurants and other food services, lodging, attractions, recreation events and travel-related services.

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HVAC & Refrigeration Technology

The HVAC program prepares students for technical service careers. The focus is on residential and light commercial/industrial environmental systems. Students can earn a Level 1 Certificate.

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Industrial Robotics & Automation Tech.

The program provides students training in an industrial setting. Topics include assembling, installation, programming, troubleshooting, maintaining and operating industrial robotic systems. Students will develop skills in industrial control systems and programming.

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Instrumentation & Process Control Technology

The program prepares individuals with entry-level skills for a career in process technology. They will learn electronic engineering principles and technical skills.

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Trained machinists are continuously needed in engineering, manufacturing and fabrication companies. There are not enough new workers available to fill the entry-level positions. The CTE program prepares students for work as a machinist.

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Personal Care Technician

This program prepares students to assist with the critical day-to-day care patients need. Patient care technicians are multi-skilled healthcare workers. They work under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse or healthcare professional.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapist assistants (PTAs) are health care providers. They work under the supervision of a physical therapist (PT). They help people recover from injuries. Examples include injuries to the bones and joints as well as brain and nerves.

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The program prepares students for a career as a welding technician. Welding is a high-tech industry that can take you places all over the world. Welders work on planes, NASCAR, national defense, labo- ratories, fabrication, construction, manufacturing, sales and repair.

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Program Descriptions (PDF)