The school is located at 311 West Road, Houston, TX 77038. It is just west of IH45 on West Road.

It is to educate high school students in a way that allows them to work toward three accomplishments at the same time: a high school diploma, hours toward an associate’s degree, and certification/license in their career field. Upon graduation, students will be able to either go to a college/university or enter the workforce. While attending the school, they will have gained valuable experience working in their field as well as completing rigorous coursework.

The school offers seventeen programs of study that are housed in three academies: Academy of Health and Human Services, Academy of Information and Engineering Technology, and the Academy of Construction, Manufacturing, and Automotive Technology. Students take courses in their career path in addition to the academic core classes and electives.

Yes. The District will provide transportation to the
school for all students residing in Aldine ISD.

No. Students who are accepted will attend the school free of charge.

The standard curriculum of a middle school will prepare a student for coursework at Blanson CTEHS. It is an advantage for students to have taken classes that allow them to earn high school credit for Spanish, Health, and Professional Communications. Receiving these credits in middle school allows a student to take more electives in high school.

No. The school is open to all students regardless of their background.

It is a student who is motivated about their chosen program of study and is committed to the philosophy of Blanson CTEHS. They should also have a satisfactory history of academic, attendance, and behavior performance.

Applications must be submitted online
via the school’s website during the application window.

Students will be notified by letter in the spring of 2019. Letters will be mailed to the home address provided as part of the electronic application. Students and Parents will then attend a Parent/Student meeting to and sign a school agreement at the end of that meeting. Once this occurs, the student will be Blanson CTE High School student in their grade level and program of study.

No. Once a student is accepted and starts to attend the school, they will remain a student of the school until they graduate.

Students must be focused and motivated to maintain good grades, attendance, and behavior. They should demonstrate a professional attitude toward all people. They should also be involved in student organizations.

They may change as ninth and tenth graders if seats are available in the new program of study. Once they become juniors or seniors, they will not be able to switch programs of study.

No. Once students agree to attend Blanson CTEHS, it becomes their zoned school, and they do not participate in activities such as athletics or band at another school.

Yes. all students will be required to participate in a CTSO, the student organization related to their program of study. Other activities and clubs will be offered as well.

The school offers the state-required Physical Education classes as part of their graduation coursework. The school does not have athletic teams that compete against other schools in UIL competition. The school will have athletic opportunities within the school itself.

Yes. Dress for the school is “business casual.” Because students are preparing to enter the workforce, they are expected to dress in a way that is appropriate for their career field. More information is available on the school’s website.

Yes. students will be able to earn dual credit through Lone Star College for certain courses.

No. they will be able to earn hours that count toward an associate’s degree, but most likely they will not have completed the full requirements for an associate’s degree.

Yes. They are able to apply online and be considered for admittance. Transportation, however, is not provided for these students by Aldine ISD.

No. The seventeen programs of study do not include one that is solely engineering. Engineering concepts, however, will be applied in many of the programs of study. The school will offer a solid core foundation for engineering including physics, chemistry, and higher level math classes.

For certain programs of study, students may have opportunities to intern through local business partnerships.

Yes. Depending on the amount of coursework and work experience students have completed, they will be eligible to be certified at varying levels in their field.

A lottery will be conducted to randomly select
students who have met eligibility criteria for open seats.

There is no cost to fill out the online application.